Data Recovery for the St. Paul Area

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Trouble with lost or damaged files on your computer?  We can help!

Our expert data recovery technicians can recover damaged and unusable files from your computer.  Although we cannot claim 100% success (that’s impossible) we are very good!

Experienced and Knowledgeable

Our techs have the data recovery experience needed to get it done right.

What This Will Solve

If your computer has files that became corrupted or damaged, often times they will no longer open.  The reason for the damage can be a number of things – but the end result of not having access is always very frustrating!

Data recovery can help if you are experiencing symptoms like:

  • Files are suddenly missing or “transparent” on your computer
  • Failures and error messages when trying to open files that normally work
  • Missing data, “garbled” text, or other odd changes to files and documents


Don’t put up missing or damaged data – get it fixed today!

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